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2024 Mind Your Coaching Institute

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Join us at the Mind Your Coaching Institute!

"Coaching for Impact"

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The Mind Your Coaching Institute, founded by Melanie D. Matthews-Calhoun, offers a dynamic one-day live learning event specifically crafted for educators seeking to elevate their coaching practices from ordinary to extraordinary. This institute caters to a diverse audience including teacher leaders, aspiring coaches, new and veteran coaches, instructional leaders, and administrators, providing a platform for professional growth and transformation.

Throughout the years, the Mind Your Coaching Institute has hosted notable keynote speakers. From Elena Aguilar in 2021 to Cassandra Williams of Educational Innovation 360° in 2022 and Dr. Stephanie Affinito from the University of Albany in 2023, each year brought insightful perspectives to the forefront. This year's 5th-anniversary celebration promises an exceptional lineup of five skilled education leaders delivering impactful keynote addresses.

Moreover, the Mind Your Coaching Institute boasts a lineup of accomplished educators who will conduct sessions tailored exclusively for the institute, aimed at revitalizing and enhancing coaching strategies. If you are eager to revitalize your coaching approach and explore new possibilities, the 2024 Mind Your Coaching Institute promises to be a transformative experience that you won't want to miss. Join us for a day of learning, growth, and inspiration!

Benefits of Attending the Mind Your Coaching Institute

Attending the Mind Your Coaching Institute offers a multitude of benefits, with one of the key advantages being the enhancement of leadership and coaching abilities. By participating in the programs offered by the institute, attendees can expect to sharpen their skills in guiding and supporting others effectively. This improvement in leadership and coaching capacities equips individuals with the tools necessary to coach for impact, enabling them to make a real difference in the lives of those they interact with. By honing their leadership and coaching capacities through the Mind Your Coaching Institute, attendees are better equipped to drive positive transformations and create lasting impacts in their spheres of influence.

By attending this event, attendees will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How can I model and debrief a coaching cycle?
  • How can I conduct impactful, informative, and inspiring coaching conversations?
  • How can I equip empower new teachers through culturally relevant coaching?
  • What other approaches can I use to coach more effectively?
  • In what ways can I cultivate and build stronger relationships?
  • How can I design impact-driven professional development?
  • In what ways can I infuse customer to positively impact coaching?
  • What protocols can I use to facilitate Professional Learning Communities?
  • What data-driven strategies can I use to elevate coaching conversations?

Keynote Speakers

Steve Ventura - Advanced Collaborative Solutions

Steve Ventura is the president and lead consultant at Advanced Collaborative Solutions. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high-stakes professional development armed with practical, research-based strategies. Steve is a former elementary and secondary teacher as well as both a school and district-level administrator. Steve has published multiple books and articles, and regularly presents and keynotes at major global education events.

Becca Silver - The Whole Educator

Becca Silver, Founder & CEO of The Whole Educator and host of the podcast Coaching the Whole Educator, empowers coaches and leaders to ignite educator resilience and effectiveness through powerful leadership development. As a former educator turned transformational coach and trainer, Becca brings a contagious energy and deep understanding of the challenges coaches and leaders face. Her passion lies in fostering teacher buy-in and removing resistance to change. Through her impactful training programs and customized coaching, Becca empowers instructional coaches and education leaders across the US and internationally to prioritize and nurture the whole educator. Becca believes that lasting educational impact starts with adult mindsets and motivations. By equipping leaders and coaches with her signature transformational coaching frameworks and strategies, Becca empowers them to cultivate a thriving environment where teachers can educate the whole child, with joy and fulfillment.

Shawn Hurt - School Turnaround Specialist

Shawn Hurt is an educational consultant and School Turnaround Principal. He has been a Turnaround Specialist since 2011 and have impacted the education of over 5,200 students during his career. As a School Turnaround Specialist, Mr. Hurt has a laser focus on student achievement and transforming school culture. As a result, Shawn has had an average score of 1.4 years growth in reading and 1.6 years growth in math over the past eleven years as a Turnaround Principal.

In 2017 his school was selected as a Model School by the International Center for Leadership in Education. Mr. Hurt has spoken at many national conferences over the years with a strong focus on school turnaround and increasing student achievement in inner city schools.

Alissa Crabtree - Crabtree Coaching Collaborative LLC

Alissa Crabtree, a dedicated educator with a rich experience spanning over 16 years, has made an indelible mark in the field of education. As a seasoned writer and instructional leadership coach, she brings a unique perspective to her work. At the helm of Crabtree Coaching Collaborative LLC, Alissa collaborates with campus and district leaders, alleviating educator overwhelm by strategically aligning vision and enhancing collective efficacy.

Her passion for education extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her role as the President of the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts, a position she has held for seven impactful years. Her long-standing service on the board further highlights Alissa's commitment to the educational community. In every role she undertakes, Alissa Crabtree continues to be a driving force, shaping the education landscape with her expertise and leadership.

Melanie Matthews-Calhoun - Literacy at Work

Melanie Matthews-Calhoun is a highly experienced educator with a strong passion for improving instructional and leadership capacities in coaches. With a career spanning 25 years in education, Melanie has authored two books, "Inside Instructional Coaching" and "The FORMula: 101 Must-Have Forms for Instructional Coaches." She is not only a published author but also a national trainer, consultant, instructional coach, and speaker. Through professional development sessions, workshops, and webinars, Melanie dedicates herself to enhancing the skills of coaches in the field of education.

As the founder of Literacy at Work, LLC (L@W) in 2008, Melanie identified the crucial need for high-quality literacy instruction in elementary schools, prompting her to establish the organization. Over the years, L@W has grown to offer training and development programs for schools and leaders within various organizations. Melanie's expertise, combined with her enthusiasm for teaching adult learners about literacy and effective coaching techniques, drives her mission to empower educators in mastering the art and craft of coaching. Her motto, "cultivates the minds that cultivate the minds," encapsulates her commitment to fostering excellence in educational practices.

Recorded Keynote Speakers

Chelnor Griffin - Prestige Educational Consulting

Chelnor Griffin is a native of Tifton, GA but currently resides in Albany, GA with her amazing husband, two awesome sons, and a feisty dog, Jack. Educating children has been her passion for the last 19 years at the elementary school level. During her time as a classroom teacher, Mrs.Griffin served as the lead ELA teacher,  a curriculum planner, and conducted professional learning workshops for her school district’s reading and math programs. 

Mrs. Griffin has been serving as an Instructional Coach for the last three years coaching both virtually and in a K-2 school setting. She has also been a dynamic presenter at educational conferences for the last three years. Mrs. Griffin is the CEO of Prestige Educational Consulting where she is dedicated to transforming educators into their best selves. She holds a BA in Elementary Education, a M.Ed. in Elementary Education with a specialization in Reading & Literacy, and an Ed.S. in Higher Education and Adult Learning.

Nicka Flint - Instructional Coach

Nicka Flint is a dedicated educator with 14 years of experience, holding a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia and a Master’s degree in Education from Georgia State University. Furthering her academic journey, she earned an Educational Specialist degree in Leadership from Columbus State University, emphasizing her commitment to leadership within educational institutions.

​With over a decade of experience and the last five years spent as an instructional coach, she has made a significant impact on professional learning by supporting educators with teaching methodologies and implementing innovative strategies. She is recognized for her expertise and has presented at various levels, demonstrating her commitment to knowledge sharing and the advancement of best practices in education. Mrs. Flint continues to be a driving force in the educational community, combining academic excellence with hands-on experience to shape the future of learning through leadership, instructional coaching, and lifelong learning.

Testimonials from Past Attendees

"The structure of this institute is easy to engage with! Great speakers who shared many practical ideas that will enhance my coaching practice! Melanie was quick to respond when I had questions. Thank you!"

"This was well worth my time and investment. Each presenter had valuable information to share that will help move my coaching practice forward."

"This event was packed with lots of information in a short amount of time. As a participant, I will definitely have to revisit my notes, review the recording and reflect on how I can utilize the new resources I obtained from this experience in my professional life."

"This institute allowed me to add additional resources to my tool bag. I gained insights on emotional intelligence, reigniting my passion in the field, and how to tackle the resistance. Definitely worth the time attending!!"

"The variety of topics, the diversity of speakers, and the interaction of the presenters. Everyone was knowledgeable about their topic and excited to present."

"This Coaching Institute was a much needed event. The speakers, the resources, the platform and the program were very intentional and meaningful. All coaches need to participate in this event. Many great minds shared such good wisdom today."

"Melanie, I LOVE this one-day conference. It allows me to learn without too much commitment, which I really appreciate. THANK YOU for putting it together!! I am grateful to have been part of it again."

"The MYCI has been invaluable in that I've been able forge connections and friendships all while learning about coaching. I've been attending the institute since 2021 and this conference is an event I will attend and support each year."

Recorded Session Speakers

Is Your Coaching System Setting You Up For Success? - Linda M. Rhyne

Effective instructional coaches improve instruction and help with improvement goals.  But how effective can coaching be if the system is ignoring key pieces to success?   As James Clear says, “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”  In this session, participants will engage with a tool that helps us assess our coaching system’s effectiveness within four broad categories. Participants will develop targeted actions based on the assessment outcomes.

Going Beyond the Lesson Plan - Eva Mireles

When coaching teachers in instructional design we often center our work around what needs to be taught, but don’t leave enough time to help them process the why and the how of the standards that need to be taught. In this workshop you will learn how to coach your teachers to go beyond the what of the lesson plan and get to the why and the how. 

The Model Impact - Tanisha Boyd 

The session will focus on the importance of intentional modeling and debriefing in coaching cycles. The session will address identifying and planning for instructional, behavioral and engagement strategies that improve Tier I and Tier II instruction. It will also present on how to debrief after a model session.

Creating a Sense of Belonging Through Instructional Coaching - Kim Cofino

Featuring stories & evidence from schools around the world, this session demonstrates that properly implemented instructional coaching does much more than “just” improve student learning; it creates a culture of growth and belonging which can lead to greater teacher satisfaction and retention. By demonstrating a school’s commitment to personalizing professional learning, coaching empowers all learners to flourish and develops humanizing organizations. You’ll leave this session with the 3 key criteria needed to build a successful and sustainable instructional coaching program, along with specific pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Empowering Coaches with AI Tools - Stephanie D. Jacobs

Explore the transformative power of AI in instructional coaching during this session. Join me for a comprehensive exploration of how AI is reshaping educational coaching, from personalized plans to virtual assistants and ethical considerations. Gain insights into the future of coaching for impact in the age of artificial intelligence.

The Main Thing - Talisha Bunkley

The Main Thing is increasing student achievement. In this session, Coach Talisha helps educators understand the impact of disaggregating data with teachers, supporting teachers with setting goals and celebrating students, parents, and teachers. The participants will have the opportunity to get step-by-step instructions with completing a result-based coaching tool and tons of ideas and suggestions on celebrating parents. Participants will leave the session with a sense of joy after understanding the daily impact of their presence.

Transformative Coaching: Designing Impact-Driven Professional Development  - Courtney Tate

This session is designed to equip coaches with the necessary skills and insights to deliver effective professional development. in the session we will focus on practical, impactful strategies coaches can use to drive meaningful growth and change in educational settings, ensuring they can effectively foster a culture of continuous improvement and positive transformation.

How Teachers Gain and Utilize Data to Meet Writers’ Needs - Melissa Morrison

This session provides knowledge on ways to get to know student writers in order to meet their individualized needs and increase their skills as writers. We will compare coaching the high jump to working with writers in order to see how gaining feedback FROM writers is more important than providing feedback TO writers. ​

Unleashing Impact: Elevating Coaching Conversations with Data-Driven Strategies - Erinn Cottman

Effective coaching goes hand-in-hand with data-driven decision-making. This presentation narrows the focus to two key aspects: redefining coaching conversations and leveraging data protocols to amplify coaching impact. Attendees will gain actionable strategies to enhance their coaching skills and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

 Lesson Study 101 Digging Deeper - Kimberly Morrison

This presentation will explain the components of a lesson study. Participants will create a lesson study using the tools that can identify specific standards,  direct and indirect aims relating to skills, and materials required to complete the lesson.  Participants will understand the difference between a lesson plan and a lesson study. Participants will have the knowledge to present a lesson study to teachers using their data as a jump-off point.

Customer Service and Coaching: The Perfect Pair - Erica Dean

Coaching is more than supporting teachers through observation, feedback, and conversations. While all of these are important, one must not forget the importance of building relationships. In this session, you will explore how aspects of customer service can impact coaching and coachees.You’ll leave with relationship-building strategies that you can use the next day!

The Little Eagle That Did: Understanding Transformational Leadership - Youmone Berrien

Inspired by the storybook The Little Eagle That Did, this interactive presentation will empower and equip educational leaders to enhance their skills in the areas of Communication, Development, Accountability, Quality Control (Assurance), and creating an Inclusive environment by taking a deep and reflective dive into an evaluation and refinement of the systems that undergird leader, learner and supporter success.

Maximizing Impact: Unleashing the Power of A Professional Learning Plan. - Khalia Lindsay

Embark on "Maximizing Impact" in this transformative session for leaders combating learning loss. Discover the secret weapon – a personalized professional learning plan – refining teacher actions and prioritizing impactful programs. This blueprint empowers instructional leaders with strategic insights, enabling them to champion student success through targeted staff development and insightful classroom observations. Don't miss the chance to redefine leadership, revitalize classrooms, and revolutionize student outcomes. Deepen your impact with the power of a tailored plan for academic success!

Culturally Relevant Coaching: Empowering New Teachers - Dr. Carolyn Gadsden Holliday

How do coaches equip novice teachers to address the needs of culturally diverse student populations in the classroom? Students of color are more likely to face harsher disciplinary actions than their white peers. Instructional coaches, administrators, and teachers must understand CRP to interrogate pedagogical beliefs, curricula, and teaching practices to increase engagement, motivation, and achievement in ALL students. In this session, participants will learn a coaching model to prepare novice teachers to address the challenges of fostering an equitable classroom environment and infusing culturally relevant instructional practices into an existing curriculum.

Maximizing Impact: Coaching for Effective Primary Structured Literacy Small Groups - MeQuel Bolden

Unlock impactful coaching for primary small groups. Join an interactive session delving into effective instructional practices. Engage in hands-on activities and discussions to deepen your understanding. Discover strategies to maximize coaching impact and elevate structured literacy instruction in primary small groups. Leave with practical insights for application in your coaching journey.

Not Your Average Coaching Conversations: Impactful, Informative, and Inspiring Connections - Micala Fisher

Not Your Average Coaching Conversations-Impactful, Informative, and Inspiring Connections, is an engaging presentation comprised of media, current research in best practices, storytelling, practical examples, and takeaways that coaches, school administrators, and teacher leaders will find helpful in their efforts to revolutionize coaching conversations throughout diverse academic communities. Participants will explore E-Five and 5-P protocols, two systematic processes to structure conversations, also referred to as connections. Participants will walk away with a well-rounded, team-first framework sure to yield long-lasting impact.  

Developing a Team at your Site - Equity and Asset Based Leadership - Cheryl Agrawal 

There are many presentations about observation cycles and wonderful resources about feedback cycles. This session takes those foundations and accelerates your impact as a site leader as you plan to develop everyone as a team through an asset-based, equity-centered lens. Gain templates to map out your staff, focus on assets and connections, and elevate the voice and connection of everyone on your team. You'll leave this session with the tools and terminology you need to put this into action.

The Transformative Power of Coaching - Nakasha Kirkland

Join this engaging presentation to detail the game-changing ability of instructional coaching to propel educational transformation. We will explore approaches to filling the chasm between coaching theory and coaching practice by discussing strategies proven to influence teacher practice and optimize math instruction. Join me and we will examine time-tested practices to enhance teaching techniques for a diverse population of math educators. 

Protocols for Facilitating Effective Professional Learning Communities - Fran Garrett

In this session, participants will explore steps to guide teachers through essential elements of instructional planning from the perspective of a facilitator/instructional coach.

Building Equity One Classroom Walk-Through at a Time - Dr. Lisa Swinson 

Instructional leaders will learn how to foster equity among staff members by implementing tiered classroom walkthroughs. We will discuss how to structure walkthroughs to provide feedback and foster a collaborative culture where all staff members feel valued and supported. Attendees will learn to create and utilize a tiered system.

The Right Goals: How to Create Powerful Student Focused Goals - Phyllis Brandon

Coaches will learn how to guide teachers in creating strong, student focused goals that positively impact instruction and student achievement. 

Coaching as an Investment: Adding Value to Teachers for Lasting Success - Stephen Johnson

What makes a good coaching relationship? How do you extend the conversations beyond one session or unit of learning? Learn how to add value to your teachers, working as a team. Participants will leave with concrete steps to build a lasting foundation that will build teacher capacity and change student lives.

Striving to Thriving: Strategies for Self-Care in Educational Coaching  - Lacetia Walker

This session will delve into self-care practices that move beyond mere survival to thriving, empowering coaches to support teachers more effectively while maintaining their well-being.

Personal Development as Professional Development to Improve Student Achievement - Barb Flowers

Join us for an enlightening session exploring the power of personal development in enhancing professional growth and, consequently, student achievement. We'll delve into the significance of prioritizing personal growth areas such as mindset cultivation, boundary-setting, and purpose discovery as integral components of educators' professional development journey. By empowering educators to invest in their personal development and reignite their passion for teaching, we can create a more conducive environment for fostering student success. Don't miss this opportunity to discover practical strategies for elevating both personal and professional fulfillment in education.

Trainee Engagement: How to Train for Lasting Effect - Freddie Dickens Jr.

With organizations spending thousands if not millions of dollars per year on training, to get a return on investment, this training must be effective.  To be effective the trainees must be engaged in, and participate in at all times.  In this session, we will discuss how to keep trainees engaged and interested in the courses that they are being trained on. We will speak of the “rules of engagement” for not just face to face but virtual training as well.

Keynote Speaker Schedule


What if I can't attend?

If you are unable to attend the live session of the Institute, worry not! The entire event will be recorded for your convenience. All registered participants will have the opportunity to watch the full 5-hour Institute at a later time within a 3-month period. This means you can catch up on all the valuable content and insights shared during the event at your own pace, even if you can't make it to the live session. So, feel free to register knowing that you can still benefit from the Institute's content at a time that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a replay of the LIVE Institute?

Yes. All registered individuals will have access to the replay. The replay will be available within 24 hours after the live broadcast. You will receive an email when it is ready. You have 3 months to view the replay.

What time does the MYCI start? How long will it last?

The Institute begins at 11:00 am EST and ends at 4:00 pm EST. There will be a 20-minute break about midway through the Institute.

Once I register, can I just share my link with my team?

Each registration is only valid for one user. If you want to sign up your team or share the Institute with a friend, send them to MindYourCoachingInstitute.com.

Do I have to be an instructional coach to attend?

No. In fact, if you are an aspiring coach or thinking about taking another role in education, this will be perfect for you.

What about refunds?

There are no refunds. 

What about school or district registration?

We can accommodate that, too. Please complete this Purchase Order form.

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, just email me aMindYourCoachingInstitute@gmail.com.

Your $97 Registration allows access to:

  • The 5-hour LIVE Institute
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  • The Action Lab: 21 How-to Videos for Coaching Success
  • More than 25 Pre-recorded Workshop Sessions​​​
  • The Afterglow - Live virtual meet-up with host and speakers after the Institute
  • The Elementary Coaches Roundtable (Recording)
  • The Secondary Coaches Roundtable (Recording)
  • The "Coach Kick-start" Live Virtual Interactive Workshop (August)
  • A Certificate of Attendance

If you need to justify why you should attend the MYCI, download this Conference Attendance Letter

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