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Instructional Coach "Get Started" Challenge: The Encore

What's the biggest challenge you're facing with getting started as a coach?

There are many causes as to why instructional coaches have challenges in getting started in your work with the right foot forward. Over the years, I've noticed these to be the three biggest causes:​

  • ​You don't understand your "why" for coaching and that may have you unfocused, confused, or just simply unclear about what to do and how to be effective.
  • You just jumped right into the coaching role without having the proper training or time to thoughtfully prepare for your work ahead.
  • You are having a hard time managing all that's on your plate and it seems like things are out of control.​

​Don't let this happen to you. If it already has, then you need to stop, restart, and join in on the Instructional Coach "Get Started" 7-Day Challenge!

What is this challenge all about?

The "Get Started" Challenge is designed for coaches to build a solid coaching foundation beginning with you and not the work (the work will come later). This challenge prepares you to get off to a great start (if you are new to coaching) or a fresh start (if you are returning to coaching) for the new school year or whenever you begin.

Coaches at all levels: aspiring, new, experienced, and veteran coaches alike, will benefit from this 7-day challenge. It begins as soon as you sign up!

Why should you join this challenge?

There are so many components to coaching and so many hats you wear. You help teachers look at data, you assist with lesson planning, you model instruction and the list goes on. But one of those components is you! How often do you think about YOU as one of those components in your coaching work?

Because you pay so much attention to working with teachers, gathering and preparing resources, and providing PD or training, you often glaze over the all-important elements that are a part of making you a confident and courageous coach.

You should be a part of this challenge if you are unsure about what you need to do to get ready to coach, or if you need to rethink how you've previously prepared yourself to coach. This challenge is for those who are serious about being more intentional and strategic about being the best. most effective coach possible.

If this is you, you are definitely in the right place!

Will you be joining us? Here is how it works.

For 7 days, you will take the focus off helping and supporting teachers and center on you. You will focus on getting yourself ready and prepared for coaching by participating in daily exercises and tasks. Here's what you'll get:

This 7-day challenge is about doing the YOU work, work that you probably haven't done before or haven't done completely.

If you are ready to do the YOU work, then I know you're ready to be a part of this challenge! 


Sign up Today to begin working on YOU and becoming a confident and courageous coach!

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